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                            Shaoxing Huamao  Polyester Co., Ltd.

                            Contact us

                            Shaoxing Huamao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
                            Add: Foreign Investment Industrial Zone, Qianqing Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang, China

                            Contact: Harry
                            Mobile: +86-13957528833
                            Tel: +86-575-84513888
                            Fax: +86-575-84051980
                            URL: www.jochimlaw.com

                            Specification and application

                            Industry Specification Application Uses Pictures
                            Circular knitting machine 50/36 50/72 75/36
                            75/72 100/48 100/96
                            100/144 100/192
                            150/48 150/72 150/96
                            150/144 150/288
                            light net, middle net, heavy net, stabilized yarn
                            lints:miscellaneous fleece, mirco velvet, coral fleece coats, blankets
                            plain cloth: EP flower fabric sleepcoat, underwear, swimsuit
                            other sewing thread
                            Warp knitting 150/288S+Z 200/288
                            200/288S+Z 200/384
                            200/384S+Z 300/96
                            300/96S+Z 300/288
                            50:50 40:60 30:70
                            plain cloth: EP flower fabric, mercerized silk casual wear, meshbelt
                            screen cloth: eyelet fabric, air mesh shoe material, luggage accessories
                            lints: miscellaneous fleece,crimp toy and cushion
                            Tatting high elasticity yarn, low elasticiy yarn, middle degree elasticity yarn,interlacing yarn, stabilized yarn satin: twisted satin, bamboo satin fashionable dress, home textile fabric
                            Poly Trilobal: semi-Poly Trilobal fashionable dress, banner
                            five-beauty fabric trademark of fashionable dress,
                            other: polyamide polyester oxford and luggage cloth
                            Extra fine island composite
                            poly/nylon composite
                            twisting series
                            weft knitting and tatting: plain cloth,
                            grinding cloth
                            kerchief yarn, yarn of screen window, sports and leisure, fashionable dree, fabric of automotive trim
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