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                            Shaoxing Huamao  Polyester Co., Ltd.

                            Contact us

                            Shaoxing Huamao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
                            Add: Foreign Investment Industrial Zone, Qianqing Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang, China

                            Contact: Harry
                            Mobile: +86-13957528833
                            Tel: +86-575-84513888
                            Fax: +86-575-84051980
                            URL: www.jochimlaw.com

                            About us


                            Shaoxing Huamao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a large-scale elastic enterprise specializing in producing high quality and super fine denier polyester fiber. Its annual output is 450000 tons, and its annual export volume is more than 100000 tons.

                              As a professional ammunition adding enterprise, the company has a very prominent competitive advantage. 200 advanced imported ammunition dispensers, including bamagh machine in Germany and TMT machine in Japan, can produce various specifications of high quality polyester high and low elastic silk and network wire. The company is very focused on the development of new products, establishing professional R & D teams, independent innovation and continuously improving core competitiveness. Cooperate with many famous domestic textile enterprises to develop various high-end differential function polyester filament. The main products are yangpolyester composite, black and white composite, recycled environmental protection silk, Doris, Imitation cotton wool, three four high shrinkage silk, small dragon dance, big dragon, diamond cotton, etc.

                            The company's operating mechanism highlights "fast, flexible, professional and high quality", "ordered production according to customer needs" and "timely after-sales feedback and quality tracking mechanism", which can provide customers with satisfactory products continuously. The products are mainly located in soft and comfortable high-grade clothing fabrics, sports series and home textile related raw materials; At the same time, the development of ultra-fine fiber, various specifications of composite silk and other high value-added functional special chemical fiber products.

                              Guided by scientific development concept, all employees of the company adhere to the spirit of "unity, innovation, pragmatism and enterprising", follow the development concept of "strengthening the main industry and expanding the industry", adhere to technical innovation, constantly strengthen, do well and grow, so as to make the company based on the forest of chemical fiber industry.

                            The company is in line with the "good faith cooperation, create win-win" business philosophy, sincerely look forward to the presence and cooperation of new and old customers, and jointly create a better future.


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